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Smartype Makes Transcription a Breeze 
Smartype provides unparalleled power for increasing a medical transcriptionist’s productivity.  It derives this capability from the IntelliComplete word-completion engine, leveraging its built-in, frequency-empowered, medical Vocabulary.  Unlike traditional abbreviation expanders, Smartype has a shortcut for virtually all the words used in medical reports.  That results in a much greater keystroke savings, which translates to a dramatic increase in productivity.   
Word Completion Dramatically Increases Speed and Improves Accuracy
With every character you type, Smartype shows you a list of the words that match those initial letters – in order of the frequency with which they are used in medical reports.  This makes the words you type most often become the easiest to type.  Let’s say you want to type “endotracheal”.  When you type “en”, “endotracheal” pops up on the top of the list.  You only need to hit the spacebar to insert it into the text.  You can select other words from this list by typing their corresponding list number or double clicking the word in the SmartBox.  But you will probably prefer to just keep typing until the desired word is at the top.  So if you want “enlarged”, just type the “l” and then hit space.  Smartype not only saves tons of keystrokes; it also ensures proper spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation.   
The Longer You Use Smartype, the Faster You Type 
When you first start using Smartype, you will slow down for a little while as you watch for your word at the top of the list.  Before long, these optimal shortcuts are automatically committed to memory, and you no longer need to see them displayed to type them.  When you hear “Fosamax”, you just press “fosa-space”.  “Fosamax” will be inserted into the text, properly spelled and capitalized.    
It Even Does Expansion Better than the Conventional Abbreviation Expanders
Smartype also ships with an Expansion List of thousands of shorthands.  Or you can import your own.  If you want to type “radical retropubic prostatectomy”, just hit rrp-space.  Smartype brings your expansions into the list with the words, so that you know what you will get before you select it.  That also helps to remind you of all the abbreviations you might have forgotten.   
And  It Offers Unparalleled Flexibility 
Smartype gives you lots of flexibility and control over how it performs.  We know that MTs have evolved their own ways of doing things, and we have endeavored to let you have it your way.

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