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Speedtyping Software for Medical Transcriptionists
                  Can also be used by anyone for non-medical typing
                 in Word, email, Web pages or any 32-bit Windows program

Save Up To 70% of Your Keystrokes
Maximize Your Productivity
Ensure Accuracy
Customize to Match Your Needs
Transfer Abbreviations from Your Conventional Expander
Use in Any 32-Bit Windows or Web Program

Smartype Speedtyping Software is designed to save the maximum number of keystrokes for medical transcriptionists.  Powered by IntelliComplete Technology, Smartype enables you to generate most words by just typing a few characters.  Thanks to its built-in Vocabulary of medical words, which reflects the frequency of their occurrence in medical reports, it seems to be uncanny in guessing what word you're trying to type.  It also knows all the correct spellings, capitalizations, and hyphenations.   
Additionally, Smartype comes with thousands of phrase abbreviations.  Or you can import your own.  Because it shortens your shorthands, and shows your available phrase and word expansions before selection, it is much more powerful and easy-to-use than any of the conventional abbreviation expanders.
The longer you work with Smartype, the more productive you become.  After a while, you might find that you're generating accurate text even faster than if you were editing the draft of a speech-recognition engine.  There is no other medical transcription software that can make you as happy as Smartype. 
If you purchase before October 31, 2019

Smartype:  The Most Transcriptionist-Friendly Productivity Tool


Smartype is a registered trademark of Narratek, Inc.   Smartype is powered by Intellicomplete.  IntelliComplete is a registered trademark of FlashPeak, Inc.